Injury Tool


With every sports injury comes impaired function to some degree. Most tissue damage will heal itself naturally – but that is only part of the problem… You have to return the muscles, nerves and blood supply to the area.

The primary objective of the Injury Tool is to restore functional recovery. This has proven to be the single most sought after treatment for the rehabilitation of sports people – as this speeds up the healing from tendon injuries (Tendinopathy).

Most importantly, it corrects the disturbance to the nerve system, as this is what can cause the loss of co-ordination to the area/or surrounding area.

For example, an injury to the Achilles tendon- patellar tendon can have an effect on the foot, ankle, knee and hip joints. This can also cause an overload on to the opposite leg.

The Injury Tool can prevent all of the above symptoms.

Tendonitis: This means inflammation of the tendon but “inflammation” is rarely the cause of the tendon pain.

Tendinosis: This refers to tiny tears in the tissue in and around the tendon caused by overuse.

Most Doctors use the word (Tendinopathy) to include inflammation and micro-tares.

By treating the damaged area, it helps to promote the healing of the muscle and nerve supply- by increasing blood supply, releasing fascia tightness and dysfunction. On a cellular level, the Injury Tool reduces inflammation and promotes the growth of new mitochondria (cellular powerhouse) in the skeletal muscle.

The injury tool is used by golfers, dancers, athletes, tennis players and sports people word wide.

This is why M.R.I.P. Tools are the chosen rehabilitation tools of champions!