Pressure Plate and Full Gait Analysis

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Dynamic gait and pressure analysis built-in to a wide range of treadmills

  • Gait Analysis/Physical and Occupational Therapy
  • Sports Medicine/Running Health and Injury Prevention
  • Fitting of Prosthesis and Orthotics
  • Neuropathic Patient Analysis
  • Screening of Diabetics
  • Integration of FDM-T, EMG and Other Biomechanical Sensors

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The FDM-T system is an accurate, user-friendly system for pressure and gait analysis. With up to 10,240 pre-calibrated capacitive sensors built into the treadmill’s deck the analysis of force and pressure distribution during standing, walking and running can be completed in less than 30 seconds.  All pressure, spatial and temporal parameters are compared in an easy to read report that also provides side by side comparisons.  Finally, a way to give your patients, referral partners and insurance providers the measurable, quantifiable results they have been asking for.

  • Simple and fast data recording to external PC
  • Medical grade treadmill (depends on model)
  • Analysis of force, spatial, time and step parameter
  • Relate upper body kinetics to foot roll-off and plantar ankle dynamics
  • Synchronization with video and EMG analysis
  • Automatic comparative gait reporting
  • Software includes database with real-time analysis, signal viewer and report generator
  • Static load distribution analysis, roll-off analysis, functional equilibrium analysis, ASCII export and a virtual reality game for coordination training
  • Analyze ground reaction forces and how they change overtime
  • Can be used with shoes, insoles, orthotics and barefoot

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Gait Analysis/Physical and Occupational Therapy

FDM-T allows objectification of every step parameter, analysis of any area on the plantar surface, and facilitates identification of gait abnormalities. History reporting and progress tracking is automated for even the most functional or dynamic movements without the need for cables that restrict the freedom of movement.

Sports Medicine/Running Health and Injury Prevention

Measure impact forces and dynamic pressure distributions during running or any other sport related activity. Program functions assess efficiency, run styles and balance, which can be added to screening and injury prevention programs while maintaining complete freedom of movement.

Integration of FDM-T, EMG and Biomechanical Sensors

The synchronization of instrumentation allows the option to add EMG and any other biomechanical sensor (goniometer, accelerometer, inclinometer etc.), integrated 2D video recording or even 3D kinematic analysis. This assists in the identification of motor pathologies and the connection to the kinematic chain. Computerized pressure analysis with muscle activity provides more in depth analysis of gait timing and muscle amplitude, or curve characteristics as the software time normalizes EMG traces automatically based on the force values; all displayed in real-time bilateral and unilateral gait reports.

Neuropathic Patient Analysis

The ability to note balance changes and critical directions of force makes FDM-T an ideal diagnostic tool for patients with any range of neurological disorders or deficits. An additional benefit is correlation of the highest pressure areas and loading responses.