Noraxon Testimonials

“Having a pure SEMG signal enables us to get frequency analysis that is really meaningful. Noraxon instrumentation delivers a wonderfully pure EMG signal. Before, it was like flying blind. Now we have data we can depend on.”

 At the College of Medicine at Baylor University, Dr. Martin Blacker of the college’s Pain Control & Restoration Unit is using Noraxon’s systems to treat patients with low back problems. SEMG allows his group to pinpoint malfunctioning muscles. Dr. Blacker said. “We can see it on the screen; it’s an immediate response.” -H. Martin Blacker, M.D. Neurosurgeon, Director Pain Control & Functional Restoration Clinic Baylor College of Medicine Houston, Texas

“Our DTS is working beautifully.  My patients love it and they say it really helps them to see if they are actually using the muscles to their maximum potential.  It also has really helped me identify overactive or under active musculature as well.  Could not say enough good things about it!  I will be interested in the future for more equipment such as possible force plate for pressure mapping, or possible MyoVideo as well.”-Dr. Ryan Meyers, PT, DPT, MTC  San Buenaventura Physical Therapy


“Noraxon products provide objective SEMG documentation making an incredibly effective presentation for clinicians and patients.”-Phil Page, MS, PT, ATC, CSCS Manager of Clinical Education and Research Thera-Band® Academy Baton Rouge, LA


“I am a more efficient and specific clinician because of Noraxon’s equipment. It gives me objective data to support the physical therapy working diagnosis. My use of sEMG is reimbursed by insurers and the data has been accepted as court evidence. This is an essential piece of equipment for the Physical Therapist’s tool box.”-Darice Putterman, P.T. Valley Therapy Services, Inc. Phoenix, Arizona

 Innersport Chiropractic

“We do a separate functional assessment exam and combine those findings with ROM, flexibility, EMG, and video.  We use the video and EMG to confirm what we see on the functional movement exam.  There have been occasions where we were wrong and it changed our rehab successfully.   A lot of it is also about taking a REALLY good history to learn about previous injuries.” -Jessica Greaux, DC, ART Innersport Chiropractic


“Our group has found the Delsys Trigno to be very nice for arm movements, posture and walking but, we found it to be not useful for running. Subjects sweat and the sensors (with accels) bounce too much. As a result, our signals diminished over repeated trials of the same condition. We immediately had success with runing when we switched to the wireless Noraxon system which is wireless but with wires. That is, there are wires from the electrodes to the amp/wireless little box. Thus, there are zero inertial tugs on the electrodes.” -Rodger Kram Department of Integrative Physiology University of Colorado Boulder

  Sports Medicine Institute

“Our goal is to understand sports injuries and improve their prevention and treatment. We use Noraxon’s EMG instruments to help us understand how muscles work and how they relate to proper and improper motions. We need to be sure that we’re getting pure muscle signals and not noise. That’s why this equipment is valuable to us.”-Glen S. Fleisig, Ph.D. Director of Research American Sports Medicine Institute Birmingham, Alabama of Syd


“The Noraxon solution was chosen based on price and that it can provide the EMG System and an instrumented treadmill with all the software for the cost of almost one of these pieces of equipment from other suppliers. The other advantage of using Noraxon is that the two systems will be operated using one software which provides the accurate synchronization and the capability of analysing the data from both systems simultaneously. The advantage of using the treadmill instead of a walkway, is that it will allow continuous data recording whereas the walkway will only allow recordings for a short distance after which time the subject will have to turn around and walk back.” -Dr. Mark Halaki, PhD Exercise and Sport Science Honours Coordinator Cumberland Campus The University of Sydney Australia