Barefoot Sciences

BFS-34_product_final bfs-full-length-insoleOBarefoot sciences created a dynamic insole, which has been observed to generate enormous proprioceptive properties. The simple yet effective insole allows the user to change the response according to his or her own individual needs. I have personally witnessed this product to change muscle firing patterns in the glutes and hamstrings in a mere 300 steps once the product was inserted into the shoe. This change has been demonstrated in the elite athletes I deal with on a daily basis to the average person looking to find a more stable and symmetrical balance. Rather than using a rigid orthotic that braces the foot, these insoles, are adaptive and teach the foot to work more efficiently and properly. The foot being the base for all motion off the ground, is no longer made to deal with restrictive motion to allow work around the constant forces imposed by gravity and our musculature systems, but it opens up the proprioceptive response channels and teaches the foot to adapt and strengthen due to these forces. As the forces are driven up the chain, proper biomechanical motions begins to create a more symmetrical firing pattern and actually alleviates such aliments like tibia rotation, muscle firings patterns, and even lower back pain. These benefits along with many more translate pure and simply into better performance and reduced injuries. Basically if you fix the foundation of movement off the ground and create a more even muscle firing and activation on both sides of the body, then this equates to more efficient movement with less injuries. Bottom line whether you are just exercising to stay healthy or you are an Olympic sprinter or professional athlete, less injuries and better performance will allow you to keep doing what you are doing, do it with less pain, and progress in your goals. The nervous system is made up of nerves running throughout the body like a multi lane highway. If you can keep the highway free of potholes and debris, then traffic can flow much easier and efficiently. The better the nerves can send signals to and from the foot up to the brain the better performance will be along with better symmetry and thus a decrease in chances of injuries. Barefoot science has developed a simple way to begin to maximize using all the lanes of your nervous system’s highway and in turn create stability, performance and symmetry. I work with Olympic and professional athletes such as Will Claye, Nick Symmonds, Justin Gatlin, Tyson Gay and Marvin Bracy, all of whom have had a beneficial effect using Barefoot Science insoles. I would recommend them to all levels of athletes, even the normal person walking or hiking.