How It Works


Introducing the new ‘muscle recovery and injury prevention tool (M.R.I.P. known as The Rip Tool). We are delighted to introduce a world exclusive as we launch the new Muscle Recovery and Injury Prevention Tool for the first time.

Using the M.R.I.P Injury Prevention tools Are AMAZING – Why, because our body , muscles, tendons & joints make up our continuous kinetic chain that works to keep our body ‘balanced’ .

The kinetic chain extends from our ankles to our shoulders, each linked muscle has its own set of receptors that act to access the body’s overall balance.  These muscles and receptors communicate with each other to produce required movement .

With tight kinked fascia ALL these movements are impaired. With the use of M.R.I.P. Injury Prevention Tools, dysfunction in the kinetic chain can be identified and prevented.

By treating the elements of the kinetic chain, sports people can obtain resolution of their problems, and should obtain maximum PERFORMANCE, in their sport or activity.

Creation of the Rip Tool?


‘While working with some top sports doctors and physio therapists, and treating some of the top sports men and women around the world, it became very obvious to me that there had to be an easier way to work when using a lot of pressure and friction while using your own body strength, that would also be more effective for injury prevention & muscle recovery’. Star Geoghegan


The Rip Tool makes the treatment

process easier and less painful

for the therapist and the



The more an individual trains; the more the muscle tissue in the body breaks down. Whether this training takes the form of running, golfing, cycling, football, swimming, weight-lifting or team activities – The Rip Tool aids in muscle recovery; prevents lost training time and reduced sporting activity.

This professional tool ‘raises the bar’ in muscle recovery by:

  • removing tightness and pain from muscles
  • removing soreness from tendons
  • accelerating recovery from injury
  • most importantly, helping to prevent injury by releasing connective tissue.

For example; many people move only part of their backs when they walk. As a result, the connective tissue in the back is much less adaptable or movable. This immobility leads to a thickening and hardening of the tissue.

Proper use of The Rip Tool can help:

  • flush out this loss of function and promote muscle function to its full movement.
  • breakdown scar tissue by going direct to the area (as opposed to working the larger surrounding area with the hands).

Benefits of the Rip Tool

The benefits of the Rip Tool are delivered to sports people, personal trainers, ‘first aiders’ and coaches using an approach that enhances the recovery from sporting activity.

Learning the proper techniques on how to use the tool will help users treat themselves more skillfully, stay injury free, and aid faster recovery for their next training session or competition.